The Benefits of Turmeric history

Curcuma longa is an important herb and it has been used globally across culture. The other name of this spice is turmeric. It grows well along with other species of Curcuma genus in Southern Asia forests. We can find it easily in Indonesia, India, and other Asian countries. Not to mention it’s also available in Pacific Islands like Hawaii. All of these regions are famous due to their traditional medicines and culinary. Turmeric is one of the best herbs used for medicinal uses. In India, this spice is quite useful to strengthen and warm the body. What’s more? There are many other uses of turmeric and the turmeric benefits are impressive.

Turmeric benefits

Turmeric benefits

Turmeric benefits history

Regardless of the benefits of turmeric, some people are interested in its history. The botanical name of this spice is Curcuma longa. The plant won’t grow more than 3 feet. The rhizome is quite similar to ginger. It’s the prime part that produces turmeric spice. This plant is widely available worldwide. However, India is the biggest producer since ancient cultures. Recently, the turmeric benefits has been recognized for its natural healing and soothing properties. The fact is that it has been used as herbal medicine for more than 4,000 years. Around 500 BCE, the spice became a significant part of natural healing system in India (Ayurveda).

Ayurveda remains popular today. The meaning is “knowledge to life”. There are many healing methods by using turmeric. For example, people may inhale fumes from burning turmeric. It’s said that it can ease congestion. Turmeric paste and juice are also popular. These can heal bruises and wounds. The turmeric paste is usually applied to various skin problems like shingles, chicken pox, etc. There are many terms for turmeric in Ayurvedic literature. For example, there’s a term named Jayanti. It has the meaning of someone who is resistant to disease. In Indian culture, turmeric is considered more than just medicine. Hinduism considers turmeric as a sacred thing.


Top 10 Turmeric Benefits

turmeric benefits